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I got my BA in Philosophy in 1973, having worked my way through college tutoring Natural Deductive Logic. I am a former Star Trek "fan writer", with several stories and a novella published in the ST fanzine "Elysia", from 1986 to 1991. My Tribute to Challenger, "Red Sky In Mourning Glory" was also published there, and in the Company Newsletter at Bank of America #791.

I am now the Reviews Coordinator for, a volunteer position.

My full work history is quite varied. I have been a tutor; school bus driver; instructional aide for aphasic children; real estate loan service clerk; gas station cashier/assitant manager/manger; inventory auditor; punchpress operator; forklift driver; electrical-harness tester; and CNA .

My husband and I have experienced homelessness several times in the last decade. While we still lived in Oregon, we once lived for several weeks on the nickel deposit on aluminum cans, and on glass and plastic bottles.

Together, we have worked as a grape harvesters; day laborers at a recycling yard; carnival rider operators; ranch caretakers; orchard caretakers; cement spreaders; ditch diggers; landscapers; and many more jobs I can't remember. Most recently, I worked as an overnight stocker for Wal-Mart for nearly two years. I was forced to quit because of ill health and related job stress. My husband had been ill and unable to work for two years. He is recovered now, and is the Foreman for a recycling yard in Dewey, AZ. We live in nearby Prescott, AZ. We also own several domains, websites, blogs and forums. Our online business is Stufrsumpn Company.

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